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Growing Up Too Quickly

This week I received a note from a friend asking about some pictures of her daughter. She’d seen another friends pictures and wanted some of her daughter. There wasn’t a special occasion – she’s just growing up too quickly. It’s common practise to have photos taken to document a special milestone in our families, I do […]

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Candace Derickx - Amazing CL :) As always, your pictures are gorgeous!

Stéphanie Montreuil - These are beautiful CL!

Tricia Mumby - LOVE them! Thank you so much CL!

Julie Ellis - Love these! They are gorgeous.

sandra - Gorgeous CL!

Mother’s Day Gift

Well it’s coming to that time of year again where we honour the people in our lives that have been a true inspiration to us, who have loved us, cared for us and likely even lied at one point or another for us. Come on all those days she called in sick to school for […]

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Growing Up Too Quickly » CL Buchanan - […] Well before I knew it there were a few other Mom’s that wanted their children photographed as well. Needless to say I didn’t say know after all I do love a partyWe ended up photographing 4 kids on Sunday each for roughly 30 mins (which is a perfect time for kids). We were done before any of the kids had a chance to be bored and were all still happy to be there. FYI – You’re only going to see three girls portraits in the sneak peaks below because one of the sessions was done for a Father’s Day present. […]

Yummy Lasagna In A Spaghetti Squash

I’ve seen this recipe floating around on Pinterest for some time now thinking how good it looked. Well, a couple of weeks ago I had my friend Robin from ShopWithRobin over for lunch so thought I’d give it a whirl. Well it was even better than what I expected. I headed to my local farmers market […]

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Robin - This was so good! Thanks for posting Cherie-Lynn! I was telling everyone about it and now I can share the recipe!

Kitchen Reno Update 3 – The Amazing News

Ok so if you’ve been following along on the Kitchen contest win you are aware that it turned into a shit show. Something that was so amazing and exciting turned into one of the worst experiences. Still boggles my mind really. Many of you told me to go public. Contact TV shows, newspapers and the […]

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mumby - OMG!!!! THIS IS AMAZING! IKEA – GOOD ON YOU! <<<< I realize this was all in caps – but I am smiling wildly, and frankly.. SO HAPPY! Ikea, this is good for you. We will remember this.. "we" the internet :-)


Lindsey Jacobs - SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
Yay Ikea. That is AMAZING customer service. Above and beyond.
Kitchen Fitters owner has a thing or 12 to learn about how to treat ones customers.
And a prime example of how social media can work for good!


Stacey - Holy freaking Hannah!!! That is incredible. Congratulations and well done IKEA !! I had a feeling you would be given a better solution!
Totally awesome.

Julia Gabriel - Wonderful, wonderful news!!! So fabulous for Ikea to step in and make things right.

Dawna Hayward - I am very happy for you and your family! Stressful but a happy ending.

Rebecca Cuneo Keenan - I’m so glad this mess will be over for you soon. Yay Ikea!

Gail Kenney - That’s wonderful! Way to go @Ikea….

Dee Brun Gow - FABOOSH…how do you say that is Sweedish??? lol

Kathy Buckworth - Nicely done Ikea. So happy for your CL. Can’t wait to have a glass in your new kitchen:)

Angela Vincent - Way to go CL!!! Good things come to good people! xo

Jo-Ann Bumbaco King - Awesome!

Deborah Coombs - Wonderful news! I am increasingly more impressed with IKEA Canada. Recently a neighbour had half of an Ikea table (box 1 of 2) stolen out of her car. The legs they left were useless to her. When she went to Ikea they simply took the legs back and gave her a whole new table. Awesome and compassionate service.

So glad this horrible situation is reaching a positive end!

CL - it is wicked news Tricia and when it’s done there will be wine at my house. Seeing as it’s going on a year and I still haven’t done a house warming party :)

CL - Lindsey you said it perfectly. Social Media can be a great thing if done properly for sure and I keep hearing more and more great IKEA stories. Love that they take care of their customers.

CL - Stacey it is completely incredible and amazing for sure.

CL - Still blows my mind that they did this.

Julie Cole - I love happy endings!!

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