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SoCapOtt 2014

If you’ve ever been to Social Capital Conference ( SoCapOtt ) you will completely understand my next plea  - Please Don’t Go! Karen and Lara, the genius behind the SoCapOtt conference, announced that this year would be the last, unless someone else stepped forward to take it over. I’m going to cross my fingers that happens because […]

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Karen Wilson - Thank you, Cherie-Lynn, for being such a huge fan of the conference – you’ve been such a great encouragement. It’s truly been a labour of love for me and Lara so we’re sad to leave it behind. I hope that we find that right someone to pick it up where we’ve left off.

Thanking the Social Capital Conference 2014! | - […] For more photos of Social Capital 2014, visit: SoCapOtt 2014 […]

The Great Canadian Cheese Festival – PEC

It’s taking me a while to write this post just because I wasn’t sure what to say. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that kind of didn’t know what to say it was more like I was overwhelmed at how amazing The Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Prince Edward County (PEC) truly was. There were […]

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Candace - I need to make sure I attend this Cheese Festival next year. This is where heaven is right?

CL - Candace this is completely where heaven is :)

Just Say No!

Please please please just say NO! In business you get inquiries all the time and from everyone.- from people you don’t know at all to friends. When I get an inquiry I know that my pricing isn’t going to fit into everyone’s budget and I’m ok with that and really if you say no it’s not going to hurt […]

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Growing Up Too Quickly

This week I received a note from a friend asking about some pictures of her daughter. She’d seen another friends pictures and wanted some of her daughter. There wasn’t a special occasion – she’s just growing up too quickly. It’s common practise to have photos taken to document a special milestone in our families, I do […]

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Candace Derickx - Amazing CL :) As always, your pictures are gorgeous!

Stéphanie Montreuil - These are beautiful CL!

Tricia Mumby - LOVE them! Thank you so much CL!

Julie Ellis - Love these! They are gorgeous.

sandra - Gorgeous CL!

Deanna Koller - Beautiful young ladies!!!!

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